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A Priest of Aphrodite

I am not Wiccan.  However, I do have an appreciation for it.  It was through Wicca that I entered the Pagan Community and its practices still have an influence on my worldview and practices. It was through the Reclaiming Tradition that I first encountered the idea of goddesses, and where I first began to love the Goddess.  I had learned some had Goddesses or Gods who had called them and with whom they had a special devotion.

Now here we are 25+ years later, and I am going to be anointed a priest of the goddess, Aphrodite.  I guess my calling happened very naturally.  I had no blinding visions, nor episodic dreams that let me know I was called to serve the goddess Her.   In fact, I don't think I ever would have considered being devoted Her, based on media images of her.  I remember episodes of Xena where Aphrodite was shallow, a self-centered bimbo, and just not interesting.    However as I healed the pain of the past and embraced my sexual orientation and coupled with that of lear…

Why Aphrodite?

I did not initially seek her.  I saw how she was conveyed in the media.  I remembered watching episodes of Xena in which Aphrodite was portrayed as a selfish bimbo when I was younger.  However, the media had it wrong.  She is much deeper than all that. 

My partner of sixteen years died six years ago this month.  I had been with him since my early twenties.  When he died, I had no idea who I was without him.  I honestly did not know myself, nor did I have any sense of self-love or self-worth. 

It was Aphrodite that came to me and taught me to start by finding beauty in the little simple things.  Things other people might perceive as mundane.  To be thankful for their beauty.  Then to look at me...what parts of myself did I like?  I liked to read.  I enjoyed books.  I had a keen mind.  I learned a healthy sense of pride in my mind.  Then slowly over time, I began to explore other parts of myself. I looked at my habits, parts of myself I did not love and explored why.  I made very natura…

Aphrodite as Love


Aphrodite is Love


Epithets of Aphrodite

Epithets of Aphrodite

Aligena – Sea Born Ambologera – She Who Postpones Old Age Anaduomene – Rising from the Sea Androphonos – Killer of Men Anosia – Unholy Apostrophia – She Who Turns Herself Away Areia – of Ares Basilis – Queen Eleemon – Merciful Enoplios – Bearing Weapons Epipontia – On the Sea Epitragidia – She Upon the Buck Epitumbidia – She Upon the Graves Euplois – Fair Sailing Genetullis – Genetrix Heteira – Courtesan Kallipugos – of the Beautiful Buttocks Kallisti – the Fairest Khruse – Golden Kupris – Cyprian Kuprogenes – Cyprus-born Kuthereia – Kytherean Melainis – Black Morpho – Shapely Ourania – Heavenly Pandemos – of All People Pasiphaessa – the Far-Shining Pelagia – of the Sea Philomeides – Laughter-Loving Porne – Fleshy; Prostitute Skotia – Dark Summakhia – Ally in War Tumborukhos – Gravedigger

Aphrodite: Goddess of Passion, Life and ... Death?

One thing that I adore about Aphrodite is that she is so much more than perceived on the surface of things.  She is not just the goddess of love, or beauty, or sex, or women: she is all of those things and many more besides. She is described as having two natures—Aphrodite Ourania, Aphrodite the‘heavenly,’ the goddess who brings together the entire cosmos who is utterly tied together with it.  She is also called Aphrodite Pandemos, ‘Aphrodite the lover of all people,’ the goddess who is portrayed as the pleasure goddess of sex, desire, and even marriage.
However, she is not only these things. She is also the mother of all of the loves; including Eros, who is both one of the oldest gods and the force of Creation, and the bittersweet boy-god who delights in playing with the hearts of others with his arrows: one of sharp and gold and the other blunt of lead. It is not incorrect to call her a goddess of love, but she is much more than just that. She is not a simple daimona, with just a si…

The Pagan in Me Honors the Pagan in You

I think I am a heretic.  I also think I am okay with it.  I have read, studied with, and had many discussions with those who fall under the big tent of Paganism who are reconstructionists.  Yet, I am not one.  So many of them are thoughtful, educated, devoted people.  Devoted to their communities and devoted to their gods.  It is beautiful.  However, I also recognize the limitations of reconstructionism in many cases.  Missing lore, missing details on issues of "theology", ritual etc, or the only sources being from outsiders to the traditions.  Pieces are painstakingly put together, but like a puzzle with missing pieces, they either leave gaps or are filled in with suppositions, educated guesses and the like.

Truthfully, I am okay with that for them, but it is not for me.  While I work hard to understand the history of my gods, the past offerings, devotions, mythology and such, I also realize that I am a modern man.  As a modern Pagan, adaptations are made.  As a devotee of …

A Litany for Aphrodite

From the book Devotion: Prayers to the Gods of the Greeks by Hearthstone

A Litany for Aphrodite
Aphrodite Aligena! Sea-Born Aphrodite, who arose from foam upon the waves.  Aphrodite Aligena, we praise you! We honor you!
Aphrodite Kuprogenes! Aphrodite of Cyprus, yours is that fair isle--Cyprian you are called. Aphrodite Kuprogenes, we praise you! We honor you!
Aphrodite Pelagia! Aphrodite of the Sea, whose soft embrace we feel in warm waters. Aphrodite Pelagia, we praise you! We honor you!
Aphrodite Euplois! Aphrodite Fair-Sailing, friend and guardian of sailors and seafarers. Aphrodite Euplois, we praise you! We honor you!
Aphrodite Khruse! Golden Aphrodite, fairer by far than all the treasures of the earth. Aphrodite Khruse, we praise you! We honor you!
Aphrodite Pasiphaessa! Aphrodite the Far-Shining, whose beauty would light the moonless night. Aphrodite Pasiphaessa, we praise you! We honor you!
Aphrodite Philomeides! Laughter-Loving Aphrodite, bringer of joy, mirth, and all sweet pleasures. Aphrodite …