Sitting with Him

Part of my practice is to sit with Cernunnos in front of my altar.  My heart is filled with such peace at His presence.   Recently, while sitting, I heard his voice in the back of my mind:  "I arose from the lap of the Mother."

I have often contemplated what his relationship is in regard to other deities.  I know that he seems to have roots with the Gaulish Celts.  However, because so little is known about him, it is nigh impossible to know any mythology concerning him.

This personal gnosis makes sense to me.  He arose from the primordial mother whom I honor as Danu. He is animal and man, walker between worlds, lord of the animals and nature as well as lord of shadows and death.  All this inherited from his and our Mother.  In my mind, he is the firstborn of the Mother.  The reflection of what she is to us who live on this earth.  And all I can say is, "Hail our Queen, Hail our Lord!"

A Prayer

Lord of Life,
Lord of Animals,
Lord of Shadows,
You who travel between the worlds,
Liminal One,
You have utterly won my heart.
I think about you through the day and into the evening you are still there in my mind.
I believe you are the hunter and I am your prey.
My life and love I give willingly.
Dew dripping Antlered God,
I cannot imagine my life without you.

The Pagan in Me Honors the Pagan in You

I think I am a heretic.  I also think I am okay with it.  I have read, studied with, and had many discussions with those who fall under the big tent of Paganism who are reconstructionists.  Yet, I am not one.  So many of them are thoughtful, educated, devoted people.  Devoted to their communities and devoted to their gods.  It is beautiful.  However, I also recognize the limitations of reconstructionism in many cases.  Missing lore, missing details on issues of "theology", ritual etc, or the only sources being from outsiders to the traditions.  Pieces are painstakingly put together, but like a puzzle with missing pieces, they either leave gaps or are filled in with suppositions, educated guesses and the like.

Truthfully, I am okay with that for them, but it is not for me.  While I work hard to understand the history of my gods, the past offerings, devotions, mythology and such, I also realize that I am a modern man.  As a modern Pagan, adaptations are made.  As a devotee of …


I spoke to a friend of mine much wiser than I in matters such as dreams about the dreams I had and what Cernunnos could be asking from me.  As he is skilled in spirit working and trance pathworking, he gave me a few tips on how to ask him myself. 

So last night I prayed to him.  I told Cernunnos I have received the dreams but am not sure what to do with them.   Then did some trance work, and I went to sleep.  Immediately He was there, and again I explained I did not know why I have received these dreams.  He told me His calling lay on my life if I would choose to accept.  That he is calling me as devotee and priest.  With that, these dreams explored various aspects of him but were aspects or things within myself I too need to explore.  Right now so many men are feeling disoriented, not sure what healthy manhood and masculinity look like.  (myself included)  Cernunnos can become a type of model for those who would want to explore that.  I have a ways to go, but will definitely be explo…

Four Dreams and Reflection

This morning the air is crisp with a promise of the beginnings of warmth, as
Winter passes her reign with one last kiss to the rising Spring.  Dew covers the grass and newly green plants in a gorgeous display whispering to me that Beltane is not too long off, and to wash my face in the upcoming dew that I might see truly.  Some of the trees have woken up, new blossoms blooming faces to the sun, while other trees slumber a bit longer.  It is an in-between time.  It is a delicious morning. 

I have finished my prayer to my ancestors, the spirits of place, earth sea and sky, and my gods.  I feel a quiet peacefulness that on weekday mornings are harder to achieve as I head to work.  A job I love, mind you, but work nonetheless.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  As I meditate on Cernunnos and the various faces he has been said to have, and who he revealed himself as in four dreams over two weeks.  These are the dreams:

In the first dream, I was walking through the woods when I cam…

The Goddess of Love and The Horned One

I am not Wiccan.  I do have an appreciation for it.  It was through Wicca that I entered the Pagan Community and its practices still have an influence on my worldview and practices.  In Wicca there is a Goddess and God who are often counterparts and partners of each other. 

For me, this really has not been the case.   The past several years I have kept a shrine to Aphrodite.  I regularly provide offerings, prayers, songs, and dance to Her.  She lives in my heart.   She has taught me so much about beauty in all its forms, honoring my own and other's sexuality, love, attachment and non-attachment.  She has also revealed her darker sides that exposed my own:  jealousy, judgmentalism, and shallowness at times.  I find in her a Mother, Friend, Lover, and Queen.  She is my goddess.    I had no need for a male aspect.

Until lately.

I had a series of dreams in which Cernunnos was present.  One was an orgy of couples together.  Another was a tribal type dance.  He remained silent during th…

The Nature Mystic

So many images of Cernunnos show him surrounded by nature: animals of earth, sea, and sky.  They also show leaves, vines, and trees.   He sits with an erect back, one hand holding the torc while the other holds a serpent.  My modern eyes immediately wonder if he sits in meditation.  Perhaps in his silence, he speaks.   
The torc has several possible meanings.  In "The Cattle Raid of Cooley" Moran wore a magical torc which tightened around his neck whenever he gave a false judgment.  I have also heard torcs were talismans providing protection.  Perhaps this is implied in the story of the Celtic warriors who would go naked into battle with only their weapons and a torc on their neck.  Torcs also were a symbol of status and wealth.  The fact that he holds one and has one around his neck seem to whisper that he is the granter of wealth.  If all things of the earth are his, perhaps this is not too large of a stretch.  Gold too is from the earth.  
The serpent whispers of a coupl…