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The Five Aspects of the Divine

The Five Aspects in the spiritual tradition I follow are the five faces of the Divine in my life.  They come to me as both Mother and Father, Grandparent, Ancient Power, Friend and Lover.  The 5 Aspects are ancient masks dancing around the primal fire I call God.  I too dance, united with this Divine Fire. With every movement I attune to that Silent Presence within all things, within myself.  In my dance I re-enact the birth of the Cosmos. I spin, becoming the shield of the Guardian. I close my eyes that I may see with the eyes of the Seer.  I turn and stomp at the crossroads with the Traveler.  Then slowing my body slides erotically with the Lover.  Then breathing deep, I extend my hands to the world with the hands of the Healer.  In those moments we are One. And that is more than enough.