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The Five Aspects of the Divine

The Five Aspects in the spiritual tradition I follow are the five faces of the Divine in my life.  They come to me as both Mother and Father, Grandparent, Ancient Power, Friend and Lover.  The 5 Aspects are ancient masks dancing around the primal fire I call God.  I too dance, united with this Divine Fire. With every movement I attune to that Silent Presence within all things, within myself.  In my dance I re-enact the birth of the Cosmos. I spin, becoming the shield of the Guardian. I close my eyes that I may see with the eyes of the Seer.  I turn and stomp at the crossroads with the Traveler.  Then slowing my body slides erotically with the Lover.  Then breathing deep, I extend my hands to the world with the hands of the Healer.  In those moments we are One. And that is more than enough.

One Who Is Awake

I believe the Guru, the Shaman and the Sorcerer are the same.  They are an individual who has awakened.  They are able to step outside of the dream of the world and see the truth.

What If?

What if God is pure spirit?   What if because God is pure spirit, God has no hands nor feet on earth but ours?  What if God's dream of love, compassion and liberation to free the spark from the spirit within us could only come through, through us?