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Knocking Over the Sacred Cow of Biblolatry

"And he said, "Whoever finds the meaning of these sayings will not taste death." Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all." Gospel of Thomas 2,3

I remember meditating on saying 3 a year or so back and really asking myself what we should be seeking and finding.  God?  God within?  Last night exhausted from the day's activities I was reading and contemplating sayings 2 and 3 together and had a small epiphany..(a piff if you will).  I am sure minds greater than my own have made the connection between the two sayings long before I, but it is a new realization to me.  Saying 2 suggests any who find the meaning of these sayings will have eternal life.  Then the saying 3 says to seek until you find.  So what we are to find is the meaning of these sayings. Easy right? No.

At the beginning of the Gospel of Thomas we read that these ar…

Hope In the Time of Sorrow

I received the call yesterday.  My father is dying - please come home.  As I drove the five hour drive home, I reflected on my father's life.  The ways he has been there for me not only at big events, but as a day to day stable force in our home.  Actually he is my step-father, who entered our lives at age 6.  Thirty-Two years later, he is "Pops" as my sister and I call him.  It was he, who attended my college graduation.  He was the force that took my family from the abject poverty we were living in, to a comfortable stable family.  If he had not been there, I honestly think I would not be where I am today or the person I am today.   It is by the grace of God shown by the light of my father on earth, that I can now allow my Divine Parent's light into the lives of the inner city kids I work with.

My niece is a fundamentalist Christian.  She was worried about Pop's salvation.  I was not however.  The God I know and believe in, made us in "His" image, tha…

The Voice of Hope

I read a lot of the goings on in the religious and political world.  Sadly some of the loudest voices are the most intolerant.  Especially in this season of folks lining up for the Republican nomination.  Each one tries to best the others on their conservatism.

I see some of the same thing in the religious sphere.  While there are voices of tolerance, there are often louder and more controversial (thus more newsworthy to the media) voices that are intolerant, sarcastic and hateful.  Hateful to women, hateful to gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning and transgender people, hateful to other religions, and hateful to the environment.

When I had my spiritual awakening, my rebirth experience as a teen, I learned the 4 spiritual laws...these are verses that someone picked and chose from creating a system and theology of conversion.  The first one is realize and admit you are a sinner.  In theological circles, this is called utter depravity.  I find this teaching absolutely sickening.  It teac…

The Death of Jesus

The Gospel of Thomas does not deal with the death of Jesus.  It is hinted at in one of his sayings where he tells his students to take up their crosses.

Beginning Again

I have been challenged through conversations with folks in my denomination to see Jesus in a fresh new way.  I love those conversations, don't you?  There is a saying in the Bible that says something like "As iron sharpens iron so one friend sharpens another."

The past several months I have to admit I have been struggling.  I had an experience that kinda blew my theology apart.  I am not going into details, but I have been pondering what I believe or where I stand with my relationship with Jesus.  Something the Bishop and another in our church pointed out really made sense.  In a paraphrase nutshell it was something to the effect that there are times when the old Jesus is killed in us so that a fresh understanding, a broader revelation of Jesus can be born or resurrected in us.

I think this is true.  The past few months I have been stuck in the birth canal, but I sense something happening.  I have had to let go of my old ways of knowing Christ, ways that came with a god I…

The Message of Gnosticism

The message of Gnosticism is that the message of Jesus is more important than beliefs about him.  That his words bring revelation and life through rhema revelation knowledge of God and who we are in God. This does not require a rejection of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Apocrypha, the New Testament, nor the Nag Hammadi writings.  However it may lead to new understandings and interpretations.

The funny thing is that in the Gnostic Community there is not much we do agree on, but I think the common link is the belief that it is the living knowledge of God and who we are in God is the most important thing.