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The God I Believe In

I once believed in a god, who had rules for living that did not always coincide with common sense.  A god who bound you with guilt and who promised freedom by spending a lifetime bend over begging on your hands and knees.  Rejecting science for a holy book, was part of his teaching.  But somehow through all that garbage the real God was there, gently guiding me.  Over time and years and years of healing and restoration, I have come to know this God.  This God can be found in any and no religion.  This God is living and alive.  She has a million faces and every one of His faces has a million expressions.  He comes to me in the winds that I feel on my face outside my house.  She is there in the loving gaze of my puppy.  It moves and is revealed in the laughter of the kids I work with..  God is there in my partner, my boss and co-workers and the love of my mother and father. This God lives in me!  This is liberation for me.  God is not a religion.  My God is too big for any one religion.…


Planted some catnip, cilantro, and mint yesterday.   The rosemary and lavender transplants are doing great.  I am only a beginner gardener but I am really loving it.  It brings a sense of interior peace and silence while doing it.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this.

Who Do?

For the past four or so years, I have been taking a Hoodoo Rootwork Course.  I am nearing the end of it, and finally at a point where I am doing some of these workings on a regular basis.  Slowly feeling more confident in my workings, and I am noticing that this stuff feels like a part of me.  I was nervous even posting about it on the blog, as I have kept it largely Thomasine and little else.  But this too is part of my path.  I made a mojo bag last week.  I took a traditional Hoodoo bath today. (Been tasting salt on my lips all day)  I have my own personal theology in this as Hoodoo has a type of Christianity background... I have just adapted my own Thomasine Christianity in it.