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George Watsky- 'Drunk Text Message to God'


God our Mother...and Father

One of the things that is beautiful and fascinating to me in the Gospel of Thomas is the idea that God is Mother and Father.  Our first relationship is with our mother in her womb.  She knows us and has known us at our earliest stages.  She birthed us.  Our Mother and Father are our first primary relationships.  They know often know us better or as well as we know ourselves.  We share their nature.  This is the message of the Gospel of Thomas.  We are children of the Father and Mother.  We share their Divine Nature.  In fact, this divine nature, this divine spark can be seen within us.  This is the kingdom.  It can be seen in nature, in other people.  Like St. Francis and Rumi realized... all things are our relations.  We are brothers and sisters with all things.  We are lost in a dream longing to wake up.


Having concluded my commentary on my ship's rudder "The Gospel of Thomas", I have enjoyed time spent in nature, time spent with family, and time spent doing simple gardening.  It has also allowed me some peace in that I did not feel the need to try to do anything.  It was that natural way that the Taoists speak of.  I have let arise naturally the the questions, "So what does it mean to be a child of God?  What does one do?  How does one live?" over and over like waves coming in, receding and then coming in again.  It is here while I think there are some universal answers, I believe there are some that are individual as well.  Great stuff.  Enjoying a crisp cool morning, cloudy skies.  We had been having near 80 degree weather already so this is a nice respite from the growing warmth.


I went out and sat in the yard a while taking in the super-moon.  This full moon was beautiful and cast a lovely light bluish shadow it seemed.  I love full moons.  I brought out a few objects for meditation and healing and allowed them to soak in her beautiful essence.  I offered a libation to her and prayed for family and friends during this time.  I renewed my own consecration to this path of direct revelation....a message I almost missed and yet was there time and again in the mystical text of the Gospel of Thomas. No wonder it did not make it in the orthodox Bible.  God conceived as Mother and Father with all of us as their children.  The message of the Gospel of Thomas is the path of direct revelation... no book (including the Gospel of Thomas itself) and no religion can give it to you.  It is that direct gnosis that must be experienced for oneself.  Does that mean books and religion are useless?  By no means, they can be helps for getting you there and reminding oneself of this…

Morning Blessings

This morning I went out onto the front lawn.  The grass was covered in a beautiful white frost.  Our weather is having a hard time deciding this year if it wants to be warm or cool.  I walked onto the grass and pressed my toes and bare feet into the grass enjoying the tingling cold on my feet.  Closing my eyes I imagined sending roots deep into the earth.  Drawing life from the earth on the in-breath, I allowed it to fill me.  Breathing out I sent any stagnant energy out through the crown of my head imagining a willow tree that the stale energy flowed up out and down into the earth to be restored once again.  Blessing the earth and the beautiful morning sun, I went back inside.

Saying 114 The Last Saying

Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life."  Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven."  Gospel of Thomas 114

This is the final saying in the Gospel of Thomas.  I have written my meager thoughts and contemplations on all 114 versus on this blog.  Over that time my understanding of these sayings have deepened and the message of these sayings are sinking in.

In this saying, Jesus speaks that the spirit is androgynous and to be whole we must reunite as the primordial Adam uniting with our divine twin or spark.  Peter says she is not she cannot be one of us... Jesus responds, "You don't want her because she is not male?  Then fine... I will make her male"  He confronts prejudice with the realization that in spirit all opposites merge and unite like the yin-ya…

The Blanket of Divinity

His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?"  "It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the Father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it."  Gospel of Thomas 113

The message of Jesus is not to hope for end times or some rapture.  It is not about escaping the earth.  It is about living.  It is about realizing that we are sacred and divine and indeed the sacred spark is in everything.  The challenge is to live a sacred life with eyes open to see that holy spark.  It cannot be perceived by the unenlightened mind but only by those who are awake.

Damn Flesh and Soul!

Jesus said, "Damn the flesh that depends on the soul. Damn the soul that depends on the flesh." Gospel of Thomas 112

The flesh and the soul are two different things.  The flesh is temporal, ever changing, and will eventually cease to be.   The soul is eternal, constant, and will never die.  The flesh cannot depend on the soul for life.  It is what it is.   It does what it should do.  The soul cannot be fulfilled by the flesh.  The flesh is a does whatever the higher or lower natures order it to. (Depending on which one you listen to)

Eat a Roll Up!

Jesus said, "The heavens and the earth will roll up in your presence, and whoever is living from the living one will not see death."  Does not Jesus say, "Those who have found themselves, of them the world is not worthy"?  Gospel of Thomas 111

This saying is starts with a saying of Jesus and then progresses to someone seeking to provide a commentary on this saying with another saying of Jesus.  Again this saying speaks of mastery.  Those who have found life through these teachings of the living one will master heaven and earth.  The spiritually enlightened person is able to see through the personal crap of our lives and live with an equilibrium of mind and heart in their approach to life.  This is true mastery.  Life then becomes a servant to the wise one, rather than the person merely reacting to things happening to them.

Discover the World! Now Renounce It!

Jesus said, "Let one who has discovered the world, and has become wealthy, renounce the world."  Gospel of Thomas 110

This is an interesting saying.  When you have discovered the world and become wealthy.  Does this mean when you have more than enough... when you can live comfortably without the world, do that.  Step out of it.  Not everyone has this luxury however.  It is very easy to read into this a negative view of the world, but it speaks of a mastery of the world then laying down that power.

Who Put That In My Backyard?

Jesus said, "The kingdom is like a person who had a treasure hidden in his field but did not know it. And when he died he left it to his son. The son did not know about it either. He took over the field and sold it. The buyer went plowing, discovered the treasure, and began to lend money at interest to whomever he wished." Gospel of Thomas 109

The treasure is within each one of us.  The treasure is within and without us.  It is the spirit of the divine.  How many of us have given away this insight lost in materialism, egotism and other temptations.  When you ground in this truth of who you are, you are able then to give out of your own depths to others.  I believe this also speaks to our application in the real world these spiritual qualities, such as peace, integrity etc.

Drinking from My Mouth!

 Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him."  Gospel of Thomas 108

Jesus teachings are the teachings of direct revelation.  However he is not content that he is awakened and can sit back.  He offers to those who want to follow his way, exactly what he experienced.  He does not want to be their lord and god sitting over them, rather he calls those who would choose his way to become him.  He becomes the image of the divine twin...the mirror.  He becomes the higher or angelic self that we can become.  This path advocated by the Gospel of Thomas is not a religion  is a spirituality...a path of direct revelation. I give thanks to God for this!

Lowest Possible Standard

Jesus said, "The Kingdom is like a shepherd who owned a hundred sheep. The largest of them, wandered away. The shepherd left the ninety-nine and looked for the one until he found it. After he had toiled, he said to the sheep, 'I love you more than the ninety-nine.'"  Gospel of Thomas 107

Somehow spirituality has been reduced to the lowest possible standard in popular culture.  However there is a thread in every possible religion that those who reap the benefits of the spiritual life are the ones who are willing to put themselves into it.  Saints like Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Rumi, Ramakrishna achieved what they did by strong dedication.  However looking closely at this saying, it speaks not of the person doing the hard work of spiritual life...but that the kingdom seeking one.   It seeks the one who wandered away, and is described as the largest.  The kingdom... the fullness of realization is there for the mature..those who are spiritually ready and ripe to…

Son and Daughter of Adam

Jesus said, "When you make the two into one, you will become sons and daughters of Adam, and when you say, 'Mountain, move from here!' it will move." Gospel of Thomas 106

The Adam spoken of here is the undivided Adam.  Jesus does not point to us to become sons of Adam or sons of Moses.  Rather he calls us to be children of the undivided Adam.  We are children of God... Jesus calls us to original innocence.. to the spiritual self.  We are divine.  We are sinless children of God.  So live it.  Just as God is Love and we are children of God, so to are we children of Love.  How do you know it?   You live it!   It is that challenging and that simple.