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Her Shining Radiance

Tonight, I went out under the full moon, and just enjoyed basking in Her presence.  The cycles of the moon speak to me of different aspects of Our Lady of Silence.  The waxing moon reminds me of Barbelo, the containment of all possibilities that emanate from her.  The full moon reminds me of Sophia, who shines so brightly and proudly.  She reveals what is hidden in the darkness.  The waning moon is the Black Madonna....the Mother who is not wholly tame.  She will not be domesticated by our customs.  She is the fierce Mother who will rip away anything that threatens her children even if it is our own ego and pride.  Finally, with the dark moon she is Santisima Muerte...holy death.  She is the one we came from, and no matter how we try to stop it, to whom we return to.  She is the silent unknown...moving back into the unmanifest Monad only to emerge back into Barbelo of potentialities.

The Descent of Our Lady

Diocesan Monk of Our Lady of Silence

Tonight I performed a private ritual/liturgy consecrating my life to Her who has won my heart. I have felt Her presence at key point in my life in powerful ways, that leave me humbled. At my ordination and the private ritual afterward with the Bishop, Her presence has not left me. I want with all my heart to serve Her as her monk, her friar, and a priest consecrated to Her. I am not much of a crier, but I did cry during this ritual. My heart was so moved, my vows so heart pounding with a bit of nervousness and fear. Bishop Mani has been so kind to accept these as my vows as a diocesan hermit/solitary monk. I include both monk and friar in here, as my life has very monastic feel with long periods of silence and solitary living. (I see my spouse on weekends due to our opposite works schedules.) But in my work, it is very much a ministry and in the world, which is a service to her as a friar. It is an active/contemplative balance.

Ritual of Consecration to Our Lady of Silenc…

Take Time

Take time to hear the giggling of the divine in the trees.  Hear Her whistle in the winds as she skips along.  Take time to know that you two are not so different.  She just does not cling.

Our Lady of Peace

I am back to my birthplace, my hometown where I was born and raised, visiting my parents.  Part of our ritual when I come back to visit is to go to the graves of our family members who have died-grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.  When I go out there, it is so quiet.  The cemetery is out in the country and exudes a holy peace with a warm wind constantly blowing.  I felt her here today too.  She is Our Lady of Peace.  She stands silent but ready to receive the dying and dead in her arms.  I am getting older and know that someday I will die.  I realize that my parents are in the declining years of their lives.  I pray that when we die Our Lady of Death, Our Lady of Peace....the black Madonna-will receive us and we shall receive her rest.  Like sparks falling back into the fire, may we be united with the Divine.

Last night, I dreamed of my grandmother who passed.  She had written me a letter, affirming the path I am on and to keep on the path of Wisdom.  Today when I went to visit my dad fo…