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Draw From The W

Is He Naked?

Jesus said, "Don't, worry from morning to night and vice-versa, about your what you're going to eat, or about what you are going to wear. You are much greater than the lilies who do no work. What about you? When you have no clothing, what will you put on? Who can add to your stature? That very one will give you your garment."  Gospel of Thomas 36

When I was younger I worked at a job that every payday an email would go out to all the staff, that so and so no longer worked there.  We all knew that they had been fired.  Every couple of weeks it was one or two people.  I began to fret.  I started worrying that I would be next.  I practically made myself sick that I could be next.  Finally, I let it go.  I decided that would do my best, and if it happened, then it happened and I would find another job and go on.  I decided that I would not let the worry consume me.  How often do we cling to things....what we want to happen or something we want to attain...then fight to not…

The Visitor

Tonight a visitor came to my door.
Hearing his knocking, I peered out of my window to see who it was.
I did not know him personally, but have seen him about.
He is utterly desireable.
I let him in.
I served this visitor food and drink.
I washed his feet.
But he said that this was not enough.
Every fiber of my being longed for him, yet I held back.
He stroked my hair and aroused me with a thousand whispers in my ear.
Finally, I could resist no more.
From there it was the purest union.
Now every rose smells of his scent, the moon reflects his face.
The Lover entered me and never left.

The Way of God

One night I prayed, "Oh God, you know my thoughts. Why is life so hard? God spoke in the heart, "As long as you cling, you will suffer. When you give up everything, then you will be free." This freedom is akin to entering a state of drunkeness where all but God is forgotten. The bliss and joy overwhelm and there are only good works and kindness that are the after-effects. Will you drink from the cup of the Beloved? Will you take the cup he offers? Or will you stand back lost in your own sobriety?

Gnosis in a Sethian Sufi Context

Gnosis for the Sufi is a living knowledge of God, and an understanding of who you are in relation to God. In the Quran a story is told a story that before Adam all of the future humanity was brought before the One, that they might remember their God when they are born. There is within humanity that spark of God called that spirit. It longs for the realization of union with God (Ma'rifah).
This gnosis is not a belief but an experience, but is that present experience that there is nothing but God. It is a realization of your oneness with God. In Sufism this oneness is called tawhid. It is a living realization that God is all in all. All all that is impermanent including the ego dissolves and one experiences only this oneness.

I think the real challenge is we can speak a lot about oneness. We can believe and preach on oneness. But we may not have experienced this oneness.But we forget this oneness in coming into this bodily existence. We forget who we are, we forget who God is. The f…

The Flute Player

The Flute Player came to our town.
He walked down the street playing his flute.
He invited everyone to dance to his song.
Some of them walked away, other merely listened, but a few...
A few danced.
As they danced they changed.
With every crescendo and lilting note, the dancers merged with the tune.
Their clothes appeared radiant and their faces ecstatic.
This continued on until the sun went away and the others went home.
But still the flute player and the dancers continued.
Till they became fire.
Why? Oh why did I not dance?

Religion and Beloved

Religion is the finger pointing at the moon. God is the moon and religion directs us to that God who dwells in the center of our being. Sadly sometimes the finger becomes more important than the thing it directs us to. It is much easier to argue how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, than to face the death of the ego so that the true Self may be shown. I view religion as very useful, but it is only a tool. It is God who woos each of us according to the 10,000 paths up the mountain. It is a distraction from the path to build a tent on your philosophy only to dig your heels in and claiming yours is the only way. God is so much bigger than our philosophy. What a relief!

What Are You Doing In My House?

Jesus said, "One can't enter a strong person's house and take it by force without tying his hands. Then one can loot his house." Gospel of Thomas 35

I remember the first time I saw a gymnast while watching the Olympics. I was amazed. The grace and ease they seemed to do the most amazing things left me glued to the television. When I went to PE in school the next day I tried some of the things they did only to find I could do none of them. I had neither the training nor discipline. In order to realize Oneness, one does not merely assent to it with the mind. God as all in all is not merely a doctrine that requires a mental nod from the intellect. It is something that must be practiced, like the musician or the athlete must practice and practice until a certain mastery is formed. So it is with gnosis. There are many paths up the mountain, but none of them are particularly easy as all require a letting go of the ego's selfish nature. They require a dismantling of the…

The Sethian Path of Love

In getting to know other ministers within the Church of Allogenes, I have grow exponentially. As a foundation the Church lives and teaches as Sethian Gnostics. But from that foundation, there are several schools of thought who unite these beliefs with various faith traditions. For example, one of our ministers brings his study and practice of Sethian Gnosticism into Christianity. The school of thought that I express my Sethian beliefs is the path of love that is so beautifully expressed by the Sufis. This path of love for the Beloved fits my spiritual "personality" so well. I know that intense longing for God, and the ups and downs of this relationship with the Beloved. I am honored and aware of my inadequacy in being asked to head this school and study intensely for local communities who may wish to identify with our path. This merging with various traditions is not so unusual. Sethians began as a Jewish sect, eventually integrating and reinterpreting Christian t…

Did you see that?!

Jesus said, "If a blind person leads a blind person, both of them will fall into a hole." Gospel of Thomas 34

A man went to the doctor. He complained, "Doctor, I woke up and I could no longer see!" The doctor quizzed the man, "And you could see last night?" "Yes" "And you can see nothing now?" "No nothing at all. I have been walking into walls, doors, and anything else in my way." The doctor leaned over and looked at the man face to face...."Then how about opening your eyes?"
It is so easy for me to see my brother and sister's faults. They are so obvious....why don't they see them? And yet when I see my brother's faults why is it that I am so oblivious to my own? Why do I neglect my own judgementalism? It is only when one fully admits that he is blind and helpless that grace can work. In the surrender of the ego, can union with God be felt and experienced. When you enter the chamber of the B…

What is that in your ear?

Jesus said, "What you hear in your ear, shout from the rooftops. No one would light up a lamp and and then put it under a basket or hide the light. They would put it on a stand so that everyone coming and goin can see its light." Gospel of Thomas 33

The message we recieve is not one that should be kept inside. That God is hidden fact could it really be hidden? Sadly some do not see it. They are kept running on the treadmill of the Demiurge which keeps them from ever perceiving the pleroma (fullness of the Kingdom) spread out around them. The writings tell of messengers who come from the Fullness who share the message of the Divine. We too are the messengers....but the message is best lived rather than preached strongly. As Francis of Assisi is quoted to say, "Preach always, if necessary, use words." I find one of the best ways to share the light is through service, works of compassion, and such. What does your life preach?

What are Those Lights in the Sky?

Jesus said, "A city built on a high hill and fortified cannot fall, nor can it be hidden." Gospel of Thomas 32

The spiritual life often happens in private. Even in a communal setting it is often the interior experience that awakens us. Lately I have been really working on cutting off some of the branches of my ego that wants to neglect spiritual practice. God help me! heehee. But as I do, I see this as doing what Jesus says in this saying....fortifying this interior city..this spark of God within me. As I make time for prayer and I make time for spiritual reading...subtle and not so subtle changes seem to be occurring-my personality seems calmer. I am more patient at work. I am more kind and compassionate and thoughtful. As I fortify my inner I tend the interior light, my mirror of the spirit becomes clear again, having all the dust and debris removed and it can no longer be hidden.

There Are No Accidents

Oh Beloved, did you know?
Of course you knew....
When Sophia took that first step and birthed Ignorance.
You knew you sparks where spread around like seeds on a field.
The Kenoma was built on top of the Pleroma.
And now we wander, and yet some notice...a sparkle shining through the world of forms.
This song of the Flute Player calls food to a starving person tempts us.
Having tasted we cannot get enough.
You, Oh Beloved, are the temptress, luring us on to regain the crown of Wisdom
Having known, then we are free, seeing the fullness spread all around.
Like drunkards we wander in this world of forms, no longer having a care.
Just one more, and one more after that...and even if you deny us that will be good too...
as long as you spare us even that thought.
You knew, Beloved...You knew.

Dreams Dreaming the Dreamer

I had an unusual dream last night. It was jam packed with metaphors. All of them spoke of the journey of life, the transient nature of this world. It spoke of aging, and not-clinging. May I have such insight internally as well. Amen.

I Knew You When You Were Knee High to a Grasshopper!

Jesus said, "Prophets are not welcome in their home town; doctors are often not able to cure those who know them." Gospel of Thomas 31

I am about to move to my next stage heading towards my becoming a priest in the Church of Autogenes, a Sethian Gnostic denomination. This Tuesday I will become a minister for the church and if things go well, will eventually become a priest. My family, however does not have any type of religious impulse. I was not raised in church. When I first joined a church as a teenager on my own, I did not know the common stories of Noah's Ark or David and Goliath. My taking this step in pursuing a calling will not change who I am to my family. I am a son, a brother and have a lifetime of memories with my loving family...but I will probably not be a source of spiritual insight or any such thing to them. And that is okay. I believe that this is what Jesus is saying in this passage. Familiarity can be a hindrance to one with a mission if they l…