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Finding the Source - Eros United

Things have shifted since I have last written. I have three separate paramours that I am dating, each knowing about the others.  One has shifted into a full-fledged boyfriend.  One is long-distance dating but this past weekend drove eight hours to be with me.  The third is the newest, and we are still getting to know each other.
What compounds this type of polyamory is that we are open. I have never been in an open relationship before, much less a poly open one. On one hand I love it.  Sometimes sex with a person who is not your spouse can be wonderful and exciting.  However there have been a couple of times when jealousy has arisen in me or one of my partners.
In exploring my own feelings of jealousy I ask myself a series of questions such as

Am I feeling inadequate?What am I afraid of?What was I feeling before the jealousy arose?   When my long distance partner left to return to his home state, one of my other partners went out of state to help his best friend move.  Initially I spen…

Light on Shame -Eros United

There is something broken in so many gay men that I believe this path can heal. The path I follow guides one to love his body, to honor sex in its varied forms, and to find the resolve in oneself to let go of what others think and love yourself. To see oneself as part of Nature and celebrate that. To let go of shame for being gay, for being male, for enjoying sex. To see a divine spark in others and to celebrate them as a unique and special part of the whole. It does not seek salvation nor the elusive enlightenment but finds liberation in digging ones toes in the fresh green grass and in the rain falling on your face.

A Second Coming Out - Eros United

I have a boyfriend.  I am also dating another man.   Both know of each other and get along, but are not dating each other.  I am a polyamorous man, but I have not always been so.  For sixteen years I was in a monogamous relationship.  Eight of those years we did not engage in relations.  I was working as a massage therapist, and I developed a friendship with one of my clients.  Over time, we became good friends and with it both of us became aware there were more feelings involved.  When he professed his love for me, I was shocked because I had come to love him too.  But I also loved the person I was with.  Because I believed the culture's teachings that one person for all your life will make you "happy ever after" I ended the friendship with this man, breaking his heart in the process.

 Fast forward to years later, after my partner had passed away.  I began dating a guy and his husband.  Honestly I entered it having feelings for one of the men...but over time the three o…