The Lessons of Aphrodite

In my next few posts, I will be doing a series on what I am calling "The Lessons of Aphrodite" which is born of the sexual/dating fast I took in January, coupled with my devotion to the divine as Love in its many forms.  I will be exploring:

  • Philautia-Self-Love
  • Beautification as a Spiritual Act
  • Eros-Sex and Sexuality
  • Philia-Friendship Kind of Love
  • Ludus-Playful Love
  • Pragma-Longstanding Love
  • Agape-Love for all
  • Aging and Beauty
  • Pleasure
  • Desire
  • The Body
  • Aphrodite as a Spiritual Path
For so long I have felt shame for being sexual, for being having longing, desire, for enjoying pleasure.  And yet, over time I have felt the hands of the gods of love and desire in the small of my back challenging me to enter that dark room that whispers of desire and the lusty fear of the forbidden so that their mysteries and secrets may be revealed.


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