The Lessons of Aphrodite - Pleasure: Lesson 2

As I sat in meditation upon the lessons of Aphrodite, one word kept coming to me...pleasure.  Pleasure is such a loaded word. In our culture there is both an intense desire for it and a very real fear and Puritanical rejection of it.  However, I believe that in order to be beautiful (which is Aphrodite personified), then it cannot be a Dionysian recklessness of pleasure that leads to addiction, sorrow, and madness, but rather is a more middle way, rising fully formed from the waves of chaos. (As an aside the child of Aphrodite and Dionysis was Priapus who was known for his oversized and permanent erection, never able to go down or return to normal.)

Pleasure is taking joy in life.  We honor that which feels good.  The taste of a chocolate covered strawberry.  Self pleasuring the body after a stressful day.  The touch of a friend as a way to show they are happy to see you.  There are 10,000 ways of pleasure that bring no suffering to oneself nor others.  These ways are the paths of Aphrodite.  These are her gifts.  Be grateful for the nice things one enjoys in life.  Offer bits of pleasure to another, whether in a bit of your time, picking up a soda or food they enjoy or even in a note of appreciation.  Enjoy the good things in life without shame.


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