The Lessons of Aphrodite - The Body: Lesson 3

The body is utterly sacred.  It is the temple of the Gods of Love, Beauty, Desire, and Pleasure.  It is through the body that we come to experience life in its fullness.  We see.  We hear and taste.  We smell and feel.  These gateways are portals of delicious experience.  Because of this, I seek to use my body as a place of offering to She who presides there.  When I see somebody I find attractive, I am thankful for their beauty.  When I am drawn by scents, I am thankful.  I embrace these experiences.  When I was a teenager I was taught by my church that lust is as wrong as adultery, but now I know better.  Lust and desire is normal.  I can channel that lust in positive life-fullfilling ways.  I can relish the feel of my lover's kisses on my body as well as use my desire to push me further in the things I want.  Lust and desire can be an end in and of themselves.  If I see a man I desire, but that man is in a monogamous relationship with another, I will not do anything to harm that relationship, but I still honor the desire and appreciate that man's beauty.  He is not an object, nor a thing to be conquered.  And that too is utterly beautiful.

Our bodies come in every shape and size.  It is one of Venus' hardest challenges to love the body you have.  I used to utterly hate and despise my body.  And it showed.  I was was obese due to my overeating and unhappiness.  I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  But then I worked to change that.  I worked to find and love myself (another gift of Aphrodite!), and it began to happen. I changed my eating.  I began to exercise.  I explored my own body and came to appreciate it.  I sought to fully experience life and relish each delicious morsel in my senses.  And I lost close to a hundred pounds.  That may not need to happen for everyone.  I needed to lose the weight for myself, for my health, my body, this temple.  Love your body, love yourself.  This is the lesson of Aphrodite.


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