The Lessons of Aphrodite - Beauty and Self-Love: Lesson 1

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. - Coco Chanel

So often when we look in the mirror we look for the mistakes.  We whisper that we are too fat, too short, too pale or fifty thousand other put downs rather than finding ways in which we are beautiful.  We degrade the body we are given.  

Is it any wonder then that we fill our body with toxicity?  We eat foods that are not good for us, that cause obesity, heart disease, and an addiction for more of it.  Then again we take to the tired tirade of self-hatred.  

But Aphrodite calls us to beauty.  She calls us to begin with self-love.  She challenges us to say "Fuck You!" to the standards of beauty proposed by society and the media.  She offers the rose of dignity and self-acceptance.  To honor the body as her sacred temple...and yet in our eating, our exercising, our beautifying our already beautiful temple-body we do it for ourselves.     We do it because we love ourselves.  We praise what is right with us, we stop seeking other's approval for our bodies.  We seek to be healthy because we relish life.  This is true self-beautification.  This is a petal from the rose of Venus...her gift to us.  


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