The Gods of Love

I practice a holistic spirituality.  That means I try to see the Divine within all off life.  The Inner and Outer life are both spiritual to me.  I honor the mind and its pursuits as sacred.  I honor the body and its pleasures and pains as holy.  I wander in the world of spirits and the Spirit as part of my beautiful path.  

Many of the world's spiritual paths are somewhat sex-negative.  However my training as a monk was within the Kaula Tantric tradition which is a "left-handed" Hindu tradition.  It is considered left-handed because it does not flinch from things that are often considered sins.  Rather we try to find the Divine even in them.  This includes sex and even pain.  

In my faith, the Divine has 100,000 faces and names.  Today I am thinking of those who are the Powers of love and desire.  I think of Angus Og, Kamadeva, Laxmi, Pan, Eros, Aphrodite, Oshun, Erzuli Freda.  

At times they embody the utter holiness of love in all its forms.  At other times, they manifest desire, lust, and carnal rutting.  Heaven and Hell,  The deliciousness of love and of sex, innocence and sin are found in them.  Perhaps that is why I am drawn to them.  I have had messages from diviners from various traditions that even said that certain ones of these have claimed me.  I do not know if this is true, but at the same time neither me nor my friends seem to doubt it.  

The gifts these Gods offer are love in all its forms:  Self Love, Friendship, Familial love, Romantic, and Erotic.   It is through these paths that they offer Awakening and Enlightenment.  It is through these paths that they offer freedom.  


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