A Drop of Dew in the Piss Bucket: Eros United

It is funny thing about attraction.  When I was a twenty-something just coming out, I was attracted to bear types.  A bit of belly and hairy chest with a beard would make me swoon.  Over time I would find other types I was attracted to.  My friends laugh at times as they see me date or the lovers I enjoyed and would noticed I would crave different flavors of lovers for a time.  It is true, I find beauty in many different types, much broader than when I was younger.  And yet you know what I find sexy?  Confidence.  A healthy self-love.  It took me years to learn to embody these things regularly within myself.  And when I did...well it was the equivalent of having one's milkshakes bringing all the boys to the yard.   I found not only the one time lovers, but those who grew into lover/friendship combinations and those who wanted more.  

What shocks me though is that there are people have utterly breathtakingly gorgeous personalities who despise themselves.  They lack any confidence or healthy self love.  They put themselves down, not out of modestity, but out of the diseased belief that they are useless and worthless.  And my reaction and the reaction of many of their lovers is that of sadness and pity, not desire.  It becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy or a factor in them only drawing lovers who would abuse and use that against that person.  Here they are, a drop of dew....glistening, sacred, and devestatingly beautiful and they hide their beauty and deliciousness in a bucket of stale, stinking piss.   It is encumbant upon every person to learn to love themselves, to appreciate themselves, to captialize on their best qualities and use that to help them gain the confidence needed to be the most amazing self they can be.  


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