Writing Again

The election back in November changed me.  More than any other election, this one threw me for a loop.  I never expected Trump to win.  Someone who comes across as immature, reactive, homophobic, racist and sexist won our presidency.  When it was clear he won, I was shocked, then depressed, and finally scared.  Many fears reared their ugly heads of what his leadership could possibly mean-mass deportations, hatred of all things Islamic, reversal of gay rights, racist and sexist legislation.  His election has brought out a lot of the dark things previously hidden under the rug in our country.

So as I moved through the range of emotions, I have come to view this election and Donald Trump as Kali in her terrifying disguise.  She has exposed our own darkness and some of our deep seated fears.  Her gorgeous black skin has hidden the sun for a time, forcing us to walk in the cavern with our own demons.  She holds up a mirror to America and to each of us, forcing us to look as things are.  She is with us, challenging us to polish the mirror of our souls, hearts, and minds.  In learning to love Her in this terrible form is a challenge.  I do not want to love her in this distressing disguise.  I want to run away and hide my head under a rock, taking me back to the past before all this.  But I cannot.  She stands utterly silently.  In telling her I don't want to love her, it comes out as utter longing for Her.  Kali-Ma!  Kali-Ma!  
And so I found myself singing this song over and over to her...


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