Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Many people do not know, that Martin Luther King was greatly inspired and took his lessons in non-violent resistance from another great man of color, Mahatma Gandhi. Both of these men have a lot to teach me particularly after this election. They resisted evil and yet refused to treat their "opponent" as an enemy.

I refuse to hate Trump. I refuse to demonize him, and yet I will speak against unjust policies that harm people put in place during these next four years. Not on Facebook or other forms of social media...I know of no hearts or minds changed that way. But rather by learning how to contact my senators and how to best present my understanding. I will do good and volunteer, whether it is in helping the needy, the sick, or loving those who are here from the countries south of us.

I may not stand for what Trump stands for and refuse to comply with unjust commands, I still refuse to hate him. I still have a long way to go. Perhaps MLK Jr and Mahatma Gandhi are still teaching. May they guide us through these coming years.


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