God in the Midst of Suffering

     I remember when I first read the book When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Rabbi Harold Kushner many years ago.  I was shocked by his premise that God could not do all things and thus could not save us from our suffering.  Gnosticism too seems to have a similar premise that God is spirit and this physical world is not his making and domain.  The Christian mystics such as Teresa of Avila share "Christ has no body on earth, but yours.  No hands, no feet but yours."

     With the explosion at the fertilizer factory and the bombing at the Boston Marathon,  I ask why these things happen. Where is God in all this?  I honestly have no answer.  However, I think the Divine is present with us during these events.  God is present in "the least of these" and what bit we do is enough...our little offering to God.

     My theology has been shattered over the course of these four months.  Sitting day in and day out with my Beloved in the hospital, saying goodbye to him three different time as he approached the very doorway of death only to have him pull through....something has changed in my relationship with God.  I am coming to know a God bigger than the names and expressions I use for God.  It seems God is every image and name we use...at least we can know God intimately that way, and yet there is still further to go.  God is more than a person or any name or image I can conceive of...and yet is personal and transpersonal at the same time.  Hinduism speak of Brahman this same way.  What I am finding is the personal name and relationship I have with God is merely an entrance to a God present in everything and everyone.  

     God does not change our situations and sufferings because God Herself is right there in the midst of them with us.  In the midst of the storms of our suffering and confusion.  My prayer in light of these past weeks events is that God made be manifest to all those suffering, that the dead may be at peace, and that healing may occur.


  1. How are you doing? It has been a while since you've posted.

  2. I sent you an email. Let me know if you did not get it.


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