Why I am a Progressive Christian Pt 2

In my previous post, I commented why I am a Thomasine, though I should probably mention all a Thomasine is, is a person who loves and really appreciates and even tries to follow the teachings of the Gospel of Thomas.  There are no great unbroken lines of Thomasine teachers, no liturgies, no rituals, no ancient commentaries on it.  In fact, one probably should have some knowledge of the Bible to gain insight into some of the things mentioned in the GoT.  It is what leads me to this post.

I also consider myself a Progressive Christian.  I believe in Jesus.  Was he born of a virgin?  Did he literally physically resurrect?  I was not there.  I do not know.  In reading the Bible, one will find contradictions, more than one story about an event with more than one story about it, that do not coincide.  You will find approaches to people of other religions, women, slaves, and such that are downright wrong.  However, this book is a part of me.  It is the writings of the "tribe" that adopted me into them. They are my people.  The writings share their view of God which evolves and changes over time.  In Jesus, we see an evil more radical shift.  Some would argue in Paul, the shift in the understanding of God is even more radical.  Their words can be utterly inspirational, confusing, or even outraging, and yet in them I see a people..Hebrew/Jewish and in the New Testament, Christian who wrestled with God-trying to understand who and what he is.

This is how I understand Progressive Christianity.  They are God wrestlers. They try to understand the texts in light of what we know and understand of the world today, in light of the law of love, in light of science, history, and the progress we have made in issues of the environment, race, gender, government, and sexuality.  They are still wrestling.  We rest not in an arrogant assurance that we have the answers.  Rather we wrestle with God and in the tradition of Abraham, Moses and so many others, we wrestle, bargain, and argue with God as a friend, lover, Father, and Mother.

Finally, the reason I am a Progressive Christian is because it is home to me.  Christianity, unlike any other religion I have explored, is home to me. I was raised in a nominally Christian home.  Its stories and culture are familiar.  It is the tradition that provides comfort in times of grief and loss.  Its understanding of God and Jesus comforts, and challenges me.

This is why I am a Progressive Christian.


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