Where is God in the Face of Tragedy?

Gnosticism speaks of a half-maker, a mixed-bag psuedo-wanna be deity called the Demiurge.  It is he who traps us in this world.  He sings the lullaby and we fall asleep.  He is also the deity who demanded the murder and massacre of people in the Old Testament.  He is the God of this World.  The Demiurge and Archons are active and alive in our world today.  With the loss of those children and teachers, the God of this World sought to stake his claim.  Yet the true God is not of this world.  This is not his domain. This temporal world merely hides the fullness of God.  And yet God comes to us in the aeons who work subterfuge to free us from the hideous shackles of this mixed-bag life.  We get glimpses of grace even as it fades and is temporal in this life.  I pray for those who have died.  I pray for their families.  I pray for all those affected.  May we be free, Oh God above Gods.  Come awaken us!


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