Emanations Cosmology

God emanated from Godself life.  All things come from the light.  Hidden within this temporal creation is the spark of God.  Some of the sparks of God are hidden under dung, while others can almost be seen in crystalline purity, yet all are there for those who will wake up and see through the matrix which we call life.  Just as these sparks spread out so too are they called back home.  Like the out breath and in breath...what has been poured forth will be pulled back into God.

This means that for you and I, we are invited to wake up and return to the source...God.  The Gospel of Thomas puts it that we are called to realize that we are Sons and Daughters of the Living Father.  We need to realize who we are and put on the robes of faith, love, and compassion as we are resurrected into new life...sparks returning home once again.


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