I love Advent.  I have since I first discovered it.  This silent waiting.. this anticipation..this magnificent pleading for God to come-to help us, to walk with us is simply something that can shake me to my core.  With my father dying earlier in the year, the realization has been driven home that this body and my place in this world is not eternal.  My friends, loved ones, job are not here forever.  As I age, my body aches and I am more aware of my own weaknesses.  And so it is that I sing those Advent hymns and pray the prayers of  Advent.

God, please come.
Please come to us, walk with us and in us.
This ocean is so big and my boat is so small.
Please come.
Send your light into the world.
Send your word and we will be healed.
Come in a way we can touch.
The ways of this world have trampled so many of us underfoot.
Come and be with us God.
Remind us that this world is transitory, and only that which is eternal matters.
Come quickly, Lord.


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