4-Point Plane

When the Palm Tree Garden Forums went down we suffered a loss.  One of those losses was being able to access the information there.  The four point plane I hold to is derived from something that was discussed many times there.  It was created by Jesse aka Spark. In my opinion it does an excellent job  describing some core common parts in this enigma of groups we call Gnosticism.


1) Emanations Cosmology. The heavenly and phenomenal worlds are ultimately the effect of God’s process of “emanation,” or pouring forth from itself.

2) Immanent Pneumatology. God’s spirit fills the heavenly and phenomenal worlds. God is right here, right now.

3) Gnostic Soteriology. Gnosis, which can also be called insight, plays the most important role in the salvation of the Gnostic.

4) Sacramental Praxis. Gnosis can be facilitated by symbolic ritual.


  1. Hi

    I just wondered if the link was supposed to go to a live site? At the moment it looks like the domain is down or something...
    Just to also say I appreciate your writings on this blog..


  2. Thanks gareth. Sadly the site has been taken down. It would have lead to the Palm Tree Garden website which for a time was a "hang out" spot for those who are Gnostic


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