The Life of Pi

((Possible Spoiler Alert))

I enjoyed some time with my mom over Thanksgiving.  This is the first Thanksgiving without my dad, and I wanted to help her appreciate his memory without drowning in grief.  One of the things we did was go see the movie, "The Life of Pi".

I have to say I was totally in love with it.  I saw in it an allegory of the spiritual life.  Pi as a child had a child's faith that even then would not be limited by any one religion, God was just too good and there was so much good in the world's religions that made sense.  But religion in an of itself, can only help you lay a bit of a foundation for the spiritual life.  It is when everything begins to be stripped away that spiritual depth is really driven home.  How we respond is everything in the journey.

In the movie, the tiger, to me, was God.  God who is not cutsie, but is ferocious and not tame.  A God who seems to be utterly beyond.  And so the relationship really seems to grow.  Agreements are made (on our side anyway) and are blown away by God.  Just when we think we have it figured out..what God wants of us and how our relationship is supposed to be, yet again another layer is ripped away.  Ultimately nothing remains.  There are no expectations, there is nothing but God and the Self.  Ultimately just is there at that point where nothing else is there, that we see God with us....suffering with and in us and as us.  The Spirit is in us and yet utterly other than our ego, our personality, our hopes, fears, and dreams.  And for those who pursue God, all the other must be left behind.


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