I Believe...

I believe...

I believe in a living God.  A God that is a Lover.  The God that Rumi, Gandhi, and Jesus speak of.  This God is Lover, Friend, Mother, Father, and even impersonal as energy, life-force, chi, prana, and all of the Cosmos.

I believe that we know this God in both personal and impersonal ways.  Prayer, Chanting, Songs of Praise, Meditation, Contemplation, and many other "spiritual" practices (whether or not they are viewed as spiritual) are ways to come to know this God in greater and greater ways.

I believe that death is not the end.  When we die, we still exist.  We may face some form of purgation or life review in which we see which lessons we learned and grew from and see where we can further our development in the Spirit.  When we are ready we can return to earth. (Reincarnation) I believe no one will be eternally lost, but that in the end all will know union with God. (Universalism)

I believe that those who have passed over can still communicate with those still in the body.  As can our angels, guides, and the spirits of life within all of nature.  The whole universe is filled with life. (Spiritualism and Animism)

I believe that we are all sons and daughters of God.  We have that spark of God within us, which is the spirit within us.  This spirit is that of God within us.  All thing dwell within God and God within all things. (Panentheism)

I believe that we are called to show compassion, concern, and to be protectors of others.  We are to support social justice issues for women, the environment, gltb folk, and people of every race and religion.  All are children of God and deserve to be treated with dignity. (Liberation Theology)

I believe that no one religion is correct, rather that Life can be found within the world's religions which lead to God by whatever name we use or however we see God.


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