Knowledge of What?!

Scholars have argued back and forth whether The Gospel of Thomas is or is not a Gnostic text.  Part of it is due to the disagreement what qualifies as Gnostic.  If one means the Demiurge and a full aeons, Sophia type text...then no it is not.  And honestly it can be approached either way in my humble opinion.  We know that later groups that were Gnostic did make use of the Gospel of Thomas.  It is also used by mainstream Christians as a contemplative text and even used for inclusion within the New Testament.

The Gospel of Thomas uses language with which many modern mainstream Christians would feel totally comfortable.  There are also concepts that Gnostic Christians would also be totally comfortable with as well.

The Gospel of Thomas calls us to follow Jesus.  He is presented as fully man and yet somehow proceeding from the Father as well.  One even gets a taste of the kernals of the the Trinity in some of the sayings in the Gospel of Thomas.  Humanity is called to follow God and to hear the words of Jesus who is the voice of God.  We are called to know God, and to know where we came from.  We are called to remember the height from which we have fallen.  The voice of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas calls us to heal the remember who we were created as....sons and daughters of God and to no longer submit to follow the ways of the world that degrade the image of God that all of us were made in.


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