Thomas the Mystic

I am convinced that the Gospel of Thomas is a mystic text.  It's main challenge is to know yourself in a living experiential way, a rhema kind of knowledge as a son or daughter of God.  We are called to awaken where we come from thus realizing where we are going.  In my humble opinion the GoT is Chistianity without the hard to believe things like the virgin birth, the sacrificial view of Jesus death to appease God, and an us vs them mentality.  It is an oneness text.


  1. AGREED! If I would have to pick one person in all of the gnostic codices found so far as such a pivotal character of faith then Thomas would have to be it.

    I could immerse myself in the GoT and be perfectly happy without ever seeing the other texts. That's hardly to say that the others don't have their worth but Thomas is the cream in the milk, so to speak.


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