Messages from My Dad

Last night, I had a dream for my dad who passed this summer.  He had a message for me concerning my mom.  The message made perfect sense.  He also shared something personal.  This is the 3rd time he has come to me, not just in an odd passing dream, but with a message.  He also visited the nurse who was taking care of him to thank her and the staff..this was the night before he died that morning.

This happening is strange and yet has happened with both grandmas and an aunt going back several years.  Each time the messages seemed to hit on the head.  The first one I remember was with my grandma, who came to me and gave me a message for my mom and her brothers and sisters.  It was about the guilt they were feeling for not being there.  I was just a goofy teenager and had no clue that they were feeling guilty.  As it turns out, none had been there to visit her in the nursing home that week, and the nursing home failed to let the family know that she was going into the hospital for surgery in which he passed.  They were all feeling guilty for not visiting her and not being near her when she passed.

My mom opened up a little at that time saying that she had had a dream when she was younger that her brother was in a wreck and near death.  She saw his bloody and torn body.  She woke up to the phone ringing.  Her brother was in a wreck.  Apparently she had psychic experiences before then, but after that she completely closed off.

This summer after my father's passing, she opened up more and told me about her experiences.  The same stuff my sister, my niece (my sister's daughter) and I seem to have inherited.  I was scared of this once upon a time.  After a series of very intense experiences I too closed off for a time. (I may share them here)

I do not claim to be some great psychic or medium.  At this point this stuff mostly comes during dreams.  The dream last night was part of it.


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