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I found a quote today that I really love:
“Jesus did not say that the whole world should go to church.  Essentially He said that the church should go to the whole world.” ~ Greg Laurie

This quote goes great with the one attributed to St. Francis of Assisi:  "Preach always, if necessary use words."

I am still reaping the fruits from the 30 days of letting go, of letting go of any clinging to a religion and just focus on a relationship with God.  What happened was a shakedown that sifted like flour all that was fluff and then what remained was of substance.  I let go of old of fundamentalist wounds and worries that I still held and from that I am now able to approach the Gospel of Thomas and Jesus without that worry.  I am seeing Jesus in a healthy way, and from that even the church in a more healthy way.

I do not believe that Jesus ever intended to form a church like we see today.  Rather if anything the small home communities were probably much more true and fruitful.  Money given was to help the poor, not the upkeep of a building.

What would happen today if the church, if those who claim to follow Jesus, actually DID do what Jesus say, push for less religiosity and rules, and standing up for the poor, the outcasts, the confused, hurting, and lonely.  What would the world be like today?  That is what being a Christian is about.  Anything else is secondary if even that.


  1. I wonder the same. I have read Marcus Borg's books on Christianity and Jesus and found a clearer view of a life of genuine love and compassion.

    I fear the folks who twist their Christianity into their own ideas of goodness...and are so far from the love and compassion from which the faith begins.

  2. Hi Sandy! I really enjoy Marcus Borg's books. He really is helpful in seeing a Jesus that is not robed in church inanity.

  3. I agree Br. I have found some really inspirational articles by different ministers and lay people on . I have found a side of Christianity that I didn't know existed.
    Borg, Fox, Burko and many others....

    One thing I came across that I really enjoyed-

    "We worship and adore God,

    source, essence, and aim of all things,

    spirit that enlivens all beings.

    We follow the way of Jesus, who found God in himself

    and shared a way for others to find God in themselves.

    He was born through love,

    He lived for love,

    He suffered for love,

    He died for love,

    But love never dies.

    We submit ourselves to the leadings of the love that is God,

    that we may be compassionate to all beings,

    that we may live and serve in community with others,

    that we may ask for and offer forgiveness,

    that we may praise and enjoy God forever. Amen!"

    From “Birdlike and Barnless: Meditations, Prayers and Songs for Progressive Christians” by Jim Burklo


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