What Time Is It? Day 4

I woke up this morning energized.  I am noticing that my sleep patterns are regularizing, that I am spending less time at the computer, and more time being...well...happy.   I did an intense yoga session then took the last of my books that I am removing away.  While driving them to their destination, I noticed it was noon and my brain began an odd series of thoughts, that I should find somewhere to eat, where was I going to eat, what places are there near here that I could eat.  The funny thing was...I was not hungry!  It was due to the time being noon and thus "lunchtime" and nothing else.  So I did a bit of self-talk that I do not need to eat because it was a certain time, but rather chose to pay attention to my body and its needs.

Yoga, Prayer, and Meditation are going well.  I want to give a shout out to Angel who is doing this little journey with me.  Thanks for your comments.  Comments keep me going and inspired!  You are a blessing!

Prayer Intention: For those who take care of others.


  1. We'd be pretty lonely if we were only writing to ourselves here. *hug* And there are always more people reading than commenting. Keep that in mind.

    It's a blessing being able to connect with like-minded individuals. Today's society can really close us off from one another so it's hard to find others who share our intentions of increased self-awareness. It's not quite as much work as you thought it'd be, is it? I find that the less I do the happier I am. Less stress. And I try to keep as few To Do lists as possible.

    Taking a break from the computer does indeed help us be happier. For me, it's refusing to read the news. Harder to do that it seems because we're constantly being bombarded with it everywhere we look.

    Your prayer intention for the day resonated with me. It made me take a look at the relationships in my life and think about what each of us does to help take care of one another. It's a delicate dance we do every day and sometimes we fail to give other people the credit they deserve. I'm quite guilty of that at various times of the year. Thank you for that reminder.

  2. You are very welcome. While meditating on that intention, I was struck how almost all of us take care of someone in our lives. It can be tough at times!


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