To Everything There Is A Time: Day 11

Yesterday was a very interesting day.  I like interesting days.  My emotions were doing some interesting things, so I took a little extra time for prayer and meditation.  God to me is both personal and impersonal.  Both The Gospel of Thomas and Hinduism teach something similar.  At times, such as in meditation, I simply rest in God as presence....not really a person just an energy or such for lack of a better word.  During prayer God is mother and father, brother and friend.  Someone I can talk to, share my thoughts, worries, and fears.

This 30 day experiment is bringing up lots of stuff for emotional and spiritual housecleaning.  My dreams reflect a lot of that.  From being bound and threatened to be raped by a demon, to dreams of my recently passed father, to so many others.  All are part of the process.

Prayer Intention: Those who travel.   (I also ask for prayers for my family...a lot going on with sister in her marriage and spouse with job).


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