The End

So the time of my little personal experiment is coming to an end.  And yet what has come from it feels more like the beginning.  I remember being taught it takes 21 days to establish a habit and another 21 to have it so ingrained that you feel awkward without that habit taking place.  This 30 days of Bliss, really challenged me to be more introspective.  I have learned to be more forgiving of myself...noting that I am a person who in many ways is an over-achiever in some things, and live guilt for even the smallest most foolish things.  So when I messed up, I realized it was okay.  The world did not end, God did not punish me, nor did I suffer severe karmic consequences for missing an exercise time.

Some of the the results for me were really planting the seeds of letting go of the need to cling to a religious label.  I am still learning to feel okay with that.  I am learning to build a relationship with Spirit that is not based on a religion.  Again, this really feels like a beginning and not an arrival!

I am more conscious of my food these days, more aware of my moods, and the effects of exercise and even the smells of aromatherapy on my moods, feelings, and general outlook.  I have not arrived, nor am I entirely consistent on this path of being spiritual but not religious (SBNR) and practicing a holistic spirituality.  But the little epiphanies (what my friend Parvati calls "piffs" have made this journey fruitful, and is a start in establishing habits like seeds that will grow in my life.

Being SBNR for these 30 days does not mean that I dislike religion nor that I find no value in it.  There is too much that is beautiful and worth emulating in the world relgions, as well as those things that might be best not to adopt.  But ultimately in any path, one must find what resonates within, otherwise it is just words, ritual and such with no real meaning.  This 30 Days was a new start for me.. a type of Detox that had its ups and downs, and yet did something to help ground me in a relationship with Spirit.  Pray for me in this journey, and I will pray for you!


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