Karma: Day 9

Yesterday eve, my spouse made a delicious meal but it was also pretty greasy.  My stomach hated it.  I have been eating very well and to suddenly eat something so radically different, made me regret it!  My evening workout and meditation times were shortened.  Peppermint herbal tea helped.

This morning however, I hopped right up, took a shower, rubbed on my aromatherapy oils and did an intense yoga session and meditation.

I really feel that letting the labels drop and not identifying with a single religion for this 30 days has really liberated me to look at things.  I have not stopped my personal passion for social justice, caring for the needy, nor the time for prayer and meditation in my life every day.  I just do not feel that almost obsessive need to conform/integrate/immerse myself in a tradition.  I found myself on a merry-go round of beliefs adopted, thought about, and laid down to follow my next interest.  I don't feel that now.  What I am doing just feels...well.. authentic.

Prayer Intention: Those who are spiritually searching.


  1. I don't need to tell you how well that resonates with me.
    Casting aside my labels recently was very liberating. Though I did apply my own label, it still feels freeing because it is my own label, and I can tear it off at any time. I love this freedom to experience God without having to be any one particular 'acceptable' thing. (hugs) It's always good to read your writings.

  2. Hello:

    You can also take candula flowers & make a tea. It's called "Ringblomma" in Swedish. You can buy them dried or loose at any good food coop or health food store. Try to get them natural, not in a tea bag. You can take 20 minutes before eating and this will coat your stomach.

    Take care,

  3. Thank you. I have not heard of candula flowers. I will have to try it!!


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