Every Have That Dry Feeling? Day 6

So yesterday went well.  I ate three amazing meals that were healthy.  I did so without gorging myself.  My veggie and fruit intake has been incredible since this has started.  I noticed my meditation time is increasing as well.  My workout time was less intense, and I do not want to make that a habit but once in a while is okay.

One of things I am observing is the "newness" of this project is passing.  Now comes the time to really allow the foundation to set and stick with it.  While I am happier than I have been in ages, I also know that blogging here helps hold myself accountable!  Thank you for being here!

Prayer Intention:  For those suffering financial struggles.


  1. Can I add one small bit onto your prayer intention? I did for myself. "... whilst drowning in a migraine for two days." That's where I was. Better now. Ambien to the rescue. That and hubby found some commission work we can do together so that got taken care of. Now we're working our tushies off to get that commission out to the customer. A lot of work. Doing so much painting my hand is permanently cramped into a claw-like position. But I like having a roof over my head. It's nice. lol

    Falling in love with veggies and fruits again is a wonderful feeling, brother. Try oatmeal and peanut butter and honey for breakfast! Nibble on a banana at the same time. Man, you'll be full fast and feel wonderful. I've been eating that right after my morning stretch and ellipse workout.


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