Day 5

Eek I forgot to blog yesterday!  I am still meditating twice a day.  Doing some cleaning and removing clutter daily.  Prayer is becoming much more natural again.  I had started the first couple of days with a Marianne Williamson audio that has morning and evening prayers.  They are lovely.  My eating is going well.  Again I am not trying to go to extremes.  I am eating a ton more veggies and fruit lately though.  I love them anyway, so no big struggle there.

I had a unique moment yesterday where I got a distinct message, a synchronicity where God you a little guidance just when you need it.  I love those!

Prayer Intention: For those struggling within a relationship.


  1. AHH! I love those winks, don't you? The hugs are divinely warm and endearing. Those friendly nudges in the day or night make you giggle. Really, it all just makes you smile; makes your soul seem lighter.

    Those little winks and hugs and nudges help you realize that you've got one Best Friend who'll never let you down in whatever situation you may find yourself.


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