Day 3: Observing

Happy 4th! I just finished up an intense yoga session followed by meditation. This project is proving fruitful. Moving away from sodas has proved easy. Meditation too has been easy to re-establish in my life. (though it is only day 3!). I did notice a couple of things today related to eating and my weight. I tend to crave food when I am bored. I find myself bored when I veg in front of the tv or video games. Also I feel a need to fill my plate and then eat everything on it. So I am adding another component to this 30 day project. I am going to practice portion control as well.
Prayer Intention: The sick.


  1. Visi herbal extract complex is helpful with the 'bored eating.' My husband is on it. He does the exact same thing. He is good during work hours and then when he gets home we have dinner and... a little while after dinner he goes back for 'a snack.' What the hell do you need a 'snack' for if you just had dinner??! Well, obviously his brain craves it. But the Visi really helps. He's stopped the constant grazing while in front of the TV and he doesn't even notice it. I notice, though!

    It's all natural.

    So glad you're feeling benefits from your new practice!


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