Day 1

Ha!  So much for good intentions.  I woke up this morning tired and thinking I really do not want to meditate.  But I did anyway.  One of the things I have done with these practices I am undertaking is not setting time limits.  There was a time when I meditated 3 times a day for 45 minutes a pop.  Sadly when I regularly meditated, some days I would keep peeking at the clock wondering how much longer I need to sit.  With my exercise and meditation I do not look at the clock at the beginning nor during it.  I just do it.  This has freed up the sense of anger and frustration at having to do it.

So my day went like this.  I got up, meditated and then did my yoga routine.  I prayed and am embarrassed by the fact that I am out of practice and did not have much to say.  But I did pray.  I ate a healthy breakfast and drank water.  Then I went to continue the final stages of the remodel of my bedroom-putting stuff back in.  This of course is a practice of letting go of clutter.  I have tons and tons of books and stuff I am getting rid of!  I swear I was a book hoarder.  I love to read-theology, philosophy, languages, religious history, about any religion, etc.  It was time to let many of these books go...books I once read but never will again.

My prayer intention today is for those who are grieving.  May they be comforted.  May God help them through this process.  May they have friends, family, co-workers and strangers who will show them kindness, understanding and love.


  1. Anger and frustration with meditation?!! WHAT?! Don't you know that you should be able to stand on your head, drink a soda(... or a cup of tea), sing a song, and do jumping jacks at the same time? What's the matter with you?

    Be easy with yourself. This race is life long. *hug*

    I've had an unnatural hunger for oatmeal lately. And raw spinach salads. My husband has been fearfully walking around me on eggshells, terrified I'm going to suddenly turn into a food nazi and shoving spinach down everyone's throat. Nah. Just feeling inspired to take care of my body and soul.

    Today I offer you the Hermetic 'Prayer of Thanksgiving.'

    "We thank you,
    every soul and heart reaches out to you,
    O name free of trouble,
    honored with the designation god,
    praised with the designation father.
    To all and all things come fatherly kindness and affection and love.
    And if the instruction is sweet and simple,
    it grants us mind, word, and knowledge:
    mind, that we may understand you,
    word, that we may interpret you,
    knowledge, that we may know you.
    We are happy,
    enlightened by your knowledge.
    We are happy.
    You have taught us about yourself.
    We are happy.
    While we were still in the body
    you have made us divine through your knowledge.
    The thanksgiving of those approaching you is only this:
    that we know you.
    We have known you,
    light of mind.
    Life of life,
    we have known you.
    Womb of every creature,
    we have known you.
    Womb pregnant with the nature of the father,
    we have known you.
    Eternal constancy of the father who conceives,
    so have we worshiped your goodness.
    We ask one favor:
    we wish to be sustained in knowledge.
    We desire one protection:
    that we not stumble in this life."


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