Checking in! - Day 21

Well I was away from the ol' blog longer than the weekend, but a week fast from the blog was just what I needed.  Things are still going very well.  In this time I have revived my aromatherapy practices, Reiki and praying with my angels and guides.

This past week has been very interesting in my conversations with my spouse who due to being beaten down by fundamentalists is not sure there is a personal God.  Personally, I am fine with that.  God to me is more than fundamentalists make God out to be.  God is often believed to be the image we imagine Spirit to be, and yet God is so much more!  You find a similar teaching in the Bhagavad-Gita, one also finds hints of these teachings in the Gospel of Thomas.

My spouse's questions have challenged me to contemplate Spirit more.  Who or what is God?  Is God all powerful?  I don't see Spirit as something separate from us, but rather like Bible's Book of Acts teaches, "in God we live, move, and have our being."  We are are a part of God.  We are often the hands and feet of the Divine in this world.  This we includes all of nature, the people, animals and spirits.  I know this sounds hokey, but this is my experience and my truth.

Those who classify themselves as SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious) are diverse. For these 30 days, I am joining them to try and gain some focus.  What folks have done, and what I am seeing in the modern world is people taking control of their spiritual lives and no longer giving it MINDLESSLY over to an institution, book, or priest, guru, preacher, or teacher.  (Not to discount that one can still keep ones discernment and mind while learning from any of these.)  We find what is valid in our lives and paths.  Or like some say here in the South, "We eat the meat, and spit out the bones."


  1. AMEN! I am so very glad to hear that you are also witnessing this same shift in belief and willingness to submerge the will within institutions. What a wonderful time of freedom we live in.

    Even among those who don't really have a 'church' to attend and who count themselves as a 'church of one' we really need to maintain the stance that we're not alone. Because we truly are not. We are the fingers and toes of the divine. We are only one set of billions of eyes he possesses.

    "Is Spirit powerful?"

    I liken Spirit to a nuclear powered engine. He is what makes it all go.


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