The Compassionate Face of Christianity

Sitting here with my father in his final days on earth, many people have come to see him. He has touched many lives. I grew up in this small town. I know many of these people. It was here where my spiritual life began, and it was here where I was rejected by my faith community that has left me scarred with a spiritual limp like Jacob who wrestled with God and forever walked with a limp afterwards. I knew the wound had never completely healed, crippling my trust in Christianity, the church, God, and really any religion. Sitting here, watching folks come in there have been several members of the clergy come as well as church folk. Some have been the stereotypical religious types but a few have been as Jesus. They weep and suffer with my dad and my mom who is losing the love of her life. One of them is the one who stood with me when I had to stand before the church tribunal. Rather than stand with the majority against me, he went out on a limb and publically stood with me and was ejected and shunned with me. Today, he is on staff as a minister in this town and has used our story to share what damage Christianity can do when not guided by love.


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