Why a Vedantic Spirituality?

For me it is not a conversion, but rather a reversion...going back to the faith I practiced.
I ran away primarily for one reason, but another was there as well.  I ran away due to an unhealthy experience with a guru and the fact I could not separate the Indian culture from the spirituality (my fault there).  Enough time has passed to have let go of the pain from the first, and somehow, almost naturally, I have been able to separate the two...culture and spirituality.  There is nothing wrong with the culture, but I am not trying to be something I am not.

So why I am I returning?

  • It already fits what I believe and hold to be true.  God is one and many.  God is in nature.  God is both male and female and yet more than these.  Reincarnation.  Spiritual Practice.  Dharmic Living
  • I can still appreciate nature and the Gospel of Thomas.  Hinduism has no problem with Jesus.  He may be seen as a divine avatar or guru.  
  • Community-As a Thomasine, I knew only one other person who followed it as their sole religion.   A religion of two!  With Vedantic spirituality, we are talking a world religion based on spiritual experience in a non-judgmental faith.  There are teachers, books, and quite simply community to help guide me.
More to come.


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