The Art of Letting Go

Gospel of Thomas 21. Mary asked Jesus, "What are your disciples like?"
He said, "They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say, 'Give us back our field.' They take off their clothes in front of them in order to give it back to them, and they return their field to them.

Life is funny.  We are funnier still.  I sometimes wonder if God is a cosmic jester wondering who will get the joke.  For example, look at my life.  I want something.  I pine for it.  I check my account to see if I can afford getting it.  I go to the store, getting happier as I get closer.  I walk in and buy it.  A day or so later, the joy has passed and I now want something else.   Rinse...Repeat.

I am the only person like that.  Wait?  What?  You are like that too?  Many of our lives are caught up in the hamster wheel of attachment.  I want something and suffer until I get it.  Then if it is something really valuable, I suffer trying to keep it from harm, and suffer anger if it is harmed.  It if is not valuable (say, I don't know...a good book maybe?) then I get it, read it, and then all that wanting and need has passed.  But don't worry!  There will be more tomorrow.  I will want something else.

In this passage, the guru is asked to describe his disciples.  These disciples are like children..happy and carefree.  They know life is a gift and each moment is lived fully alive and awake.  When the time comes to let go of something, someone, or even life itself...the awakened ones are able to do it.  Not to say that it might be painful, but they know that all things change.  Part of this teaching is simply on impermanence.  Nothing in this life is eternal except the Spirit of God within us...our true Selves.  The awakened one does not cling or create a million living hells wanting, needing, now needing to protect, and then tiring...of things.  We are thankful for what we have in this moment but do not cling.  There is no fear of loss because there is no clinging.  Like the children in the parable, they are able to give it all back and move on.

May the grace of the Beloved allow us to find such a place of peace!


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