Seeing The World Through Devotional Service

I find the path of devotional service very challening and wonderful  The path of action is to awaken to our unity with the Divine.  I have never been one advocating complete withdrawal from the world.  After all my early tutors in spirituality were social justice oriented Roman Catholic priests, and I have never outgrown their passionate love for all humanity and nature.

So how do we "do" devotional service.  There are several possible ways.  One is to simply go through the day seeing each person you come across as an image of the Divine and serve and love them as God.  Try to maintain that focus throughout the day, that each person you come across is a living manifestation of the Divine.  (Yourself included.)  Another way is dedicate everything you do as a holy offering to the Divine.  Do not cling to the results.  Do your best, do it with goodness, compassion (toward others and yourself), and with the mindset that all you do today is a simple offering to the Divine presence.   Give it a try!  If you try it and would like to share, I would love to hear about it!


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