Making the Two-One

There is a reoccuring theme in the Gospel of Thomas of Oneness. Jesus, time and again speaks of reconciling the two into one. In my journey the past few months and particularly the past week or so, I have had to do a lot of soul searching. For the past 5+ years I have been a Thomasine, a devotee of the Gospel of Thomas. I have wrestled, struggled and meditated on the sayings found in that wonderful book. Then several months ago, I had an experience of all nature as being alive and divine. This "vision" was so mind-blowing I could not return to the GoT with the same eyes. Like Thomas Aquinas when he experienced God, I saw my writings and speculations as an "epistle of straw". I felt lost and confused..should I somehow serve God in nature? Was this what I was called to do? I am a person who needs structure and community, and looked back to my time I was a Hindu. Here, I told myself, I could serve God in nature and still respect the Gospel of Thomas, which I still love. It was this that filled my mind since writing it last night. The Gospel of Thomas was home to me. I had it backwards. I think I may have been touching on it for years, flirting with it but was unwilling to make the two into one, due to fear. The Thomasine faith IS a dharmic faith. Jesus in the GoT is a dharma teacher, a Buddha or guru, it just lacks the rituals to help define it. I need to stop screwing around a own this. So what am I meaning? I need to stop trying to be the Thomasine reconstructionist. Let's face it; we do not know jack about how the early Thomasine communities worshipped or practiced. What we do know is that the GoT Jesus has much more in common with other dharmic teachings, and in my opinion IS a dharmic teaching. My ordination took place in the context of a puja. My spirituality is very Eastern and contemplative (with a generous helping of Bhakti and karma togas as well). I am just going to embrace that, letting go of the guilt and interior imaginary voices of the gnostic police who say I am doing everything wrong. My practice will be of a distinctly Thomasine inspired puja. I will unite the philosophy and language of Vedanta and the scripture of the GoT into a single tradition. I will with humbleness and hope, make the two-into one. They fit too well and honestly Vedanta is just that open.  One need only look at the Vedanta Society and the Self-Realization Fellowship to see two organizations that both honor Jesus as part of their Hinduism.  Then you have Bede Griffiths the Benedictine monk who created an Ashram.  It is there for those who seek it.


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