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As I had mentioned in my blog in the past, at one time I was a Hindu monk..for three years to be exact.  I left due to an unhealthy relationship with my guru, and seeing him cross lines that should not be crossed.  That said, my friend Eric and I have been talking about Hinduism and what a Western expression would look like.

It embodies a wide diversity of theologies (including mine!) and all the best that I love from the Gospel of Thomas.  When he first mentioned it, I really had to do some soul searching...could I return to it?  I prayed on it and slept on it, but honestly...yes I could.  Yes, I can.  Yes, I am.  I have been stumbling since no longer identifying as a Thomasine...or a better way of putting it...expanding beyond just a Thomasine worldview...which is still beautiful and a part of me.

As neither of us are Indian, there comes the point where we must work through what is Indian and what is Vedanta.  I made the mistake when I first became Hindu of trying to be Indian, not able to really know the difference.  I used my Hindu/Indian name given to me by the priest of the temple here.  I adopted the clothing, movies, and foods.  But I also found that I was not authentic.

For me to return to this, requires no shift in my theology as an animist nor Thomasine.  In a way it is a returning to my roots of my previous faith.  However, I am approaching it with less naivete.  I will be posting on what Eric and I talk about and what a Western expression of Hinduism might look like.


  1. I always considered you my guru named Gadadhar Das. And even though I have been in the presence of many great spiritual teachers and saints whose wisdom I greatly admire and cherish, I still think of you as my guru and deepest spiritual counsel....even though we lost communication. Today I continue to pass on to those who call me guru in the matha we formed the Sarva Sanatana Dharma you taught me. And though I've had to endure some challenging times without a direct guru, God has never left me spiritually void. In fact, my faith and spirituality continue to deepen despite, or perhaps through, the myriad of challenges, troubles, etc I have faced and endured (btw: it's true don't look at the full moon on Ganesh Chaturthi unless you want to be falsely accused. Leave it to me to learn the hard way!) I really don't have the words to fully express the gratitude and appreciation I have for having ever been led to meet you at that time and place in my life except just simply: Thank you!


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