The Beloved is All in All

I find myself longing for simplicity.  I stepped out in the dark of the moon the past few nights.  I feel the presence of the Beloved and that is enough.  I am rejuvenated and refreshed.  Who is the Beloved?  He is God  many and yet one.  One Divine Essence and Energy filling all things.. personal and impersonal.  There are so many ways I experience the Beloved, and each one precious.  I do not need elaborate liturgies, as beautiful as many of them are.  I often simply walk in the sun or moonlight and thus fulfill my vows as priest and a simple monk.  I can light a candle and feel the Beloved's presence.  I am thankful for these simple graces..a thousand simple graces...and this is enough. Perhaps this is what the Gospel of Thomas was talking about all along and I missed what was right in front of my face.


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