Change, Frustation, and Peace

I, like many people do not like change.  Part of me completely craves it as a sign of growth and moving away from stagnation,  but as soon as I take a step I want the comfort of the known.  The religious community I belong to is undergoing massive change.  We are moving away from the Gnostic label as we keep finding the word to be a stumbling block with others.  Some assume we are like the Themites, ,the Weor Gnostics, the Sylvia Browne Gnostics, or even folks trying to reconstruct the ancient groups labeled Gnostics.  None of these were true.  Also add to that, that we all seemed to grow beyond just the Nag Hammadi, exploring other religious traditions etc, that the label of Gnostic even from that perspective may not have been the best label.

As we as a religious community work through who we are, what we are about, and even what to call ourselves, our need for being heard can come through too strongly.  Our opinions become sacred writ that leads us to defensiveness if anyone dare have other thoughts, opinions, or suggestions.  I see it in myself.  I saw it tonight.  As I grieve over the loss of our "Gnostic" label, I find myself wanting to grumble and such.  But this is not what I am called to.  I serve as priest of place..a simple monk who is almost a hermit in his path.  I serve the Divine who exists within and beyond all nature. Like a stream flowing and shifting, I realize that I have to let go of my clinging and the need to be right and just flow.  Not clinging tightly to the edge of the river but to let absolutely go.  When I did that tonight, sitting listening to the sounds of nature, I was better able to release my bad attitude and flow.


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