Hope In the Time of Sorrow

I received the call yesterday.  My father is dying - please come home.  As I drove the five hour drive home, I reflected on my father's life.  The ways he has been there for me not only at big events, but as a day to day stable force in our home.  Actually he is my step-father, who entered our lives at age 6.  Thirty-Two years later, he is "Pops" as my sister and I call him.  It was he, who attended my college graduation.  He was the force that took my family from the abject poverty we were living in, to a comfortable stable family.  If he had not been there, I honestly think I would not be where I am today or the person I am today.   It is by the grace of God shown by the light of my father on earth, that I can now allow my Divine Parent's light into the lives of the inner city kids I work with.

My niece is a fundamentalist Christian.  She was worried about Pop's salvation.  I was not however.  The God I know and believe in, made us in "His" image, that we have the spark of God's Divine fire within us.  I see God in my Pop's even though he was never a church-goer.  I can celebrate his life, and sadly impending passing from cancer, trusting that God will never cast any one of us out.

This is the Hope the Gospel of Thomas gives me.


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