Natural Spirituality

One of the things that really spoke to me about the Gospel of Thomas was that Jesus in this gospel seems a proponent of a natural spirituality.  In the GoT, Jesus does not seem overly impressed with what religion had become.  Instead he proposes a very natural mysticism, not a list of rituals, or practices that one must do to achieve realization.  He does not teach an escaping of the world but an aware engaging of it.

One of my weaknesses is to feel insecure without the walls of a religion around me. I want rules, strict dogmas, define beliefs, rituals etc.  To simply rest in God who is found within and without is too easy.  Yet when I read the mystics of other religions, I see them push the boundaries of their religions -often times even facing some persecution because of it.  Yet they still pushed - Rumi, Hildegard, Eckhart, Emerson, Thoreau and so many others pushed and struggled and made spirituality their own while remaining authentic.

I think something is going on like this in today's world.  While I think one can find many wonderful things within a faith tradition, I think one must be in and not of it-in the sense of being blinded by one's own tradition.  When one adopts the label and begins to carry the banner of the religion, one can easily lose focus of what it is all about.  What do you think?  Are we on the renaissance of the seeds of natural spirituality coming forth?  Has it been there all along?


  1. Brother Jay, Thanks for the thoughtful question. As a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science and ministerial student I do believe the plane is waking upo tot he fact that natural spirituality has been with us all along. GOD is always and forever expressing itself in its totality. Therefore this aspect of GOD could never have been lost, just unnoticed by many. I am entering the ministry as I believe we are experiencing one of the greatest awakening in consciousness the planet has ever seen and 2012 is just the beginning.


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