One God Over All

The Gospel of Thomas does not enshrine Jesus as the only way to God.  Rather for the the Thomasine Christian, Jesus is their way to God.  For me, as I come to meditate on Jesus and his words I see God through him, as a mirror reflected back at me.  Thus God speaks to us through Jesus but that is not the only way God speaks.  There could be numerous images of God throughout the world, many lights, many messengers reflecting the one Light of God.  I believe that when a person responds to the light they have been given, respond to the truth they understand, then that truth is God as Truth.

The Gospel of Thomas is not a book for theological masturbation and self pleasuring. Rather it is a book to be meditated on.  It is a book challenging one to know (gnosis) who they are, where they are from and where they are going.


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